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Hybrid meetings are the answer to several of the problems facing the modern-day meeting planner. In this day & age, engaging attendees at the venue alone is not always enough. Today’s attendee spends just as much time interacting with brands online as they spend interacting with them in person. Each moment that a meeting planner spends without a clear action plan of how to seamlessly merge the digital and physical event experience costs you time, money, and client trust.

PlanHybridMeetings.com is the complete solution for meeting planners who seek to provide the most cutting edge and engaging meetings for today’s attendees. With more than 25 years of combined event planning experience, our team of industry certified and industry recognized planners seeks to Engage, Collaborate with, and Educate fellow meeting planners on how to provide an attendee experience unlike any other.

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PlanHybridMeetings.com is the ultimate platform to the tools, the resources, and the one-of-a-kind collaborative peer-to-peer atmosphere, that will skyrocket your attendee engagement before, during, and after your event. In addition to offering consultations and strategy sessions for planners who want to immediately begin collaborating on a hybrid event, our team has produced a comprehensive 5-part online Planning Series that will help meeting planners truly understand:

  • What Hybrid Meetings Are
  • Why Hybrid Meetings Are Valuable


PlanHybridMeetings.com is built on 3 core principles:

Our primary focus is providing an environment where planners can learn and understand the concepts that come along with hybrid meeting planning. These concepts include (but not limited to):
a. Event Tech Trend Discovery and Analysis
b. Digital Event Marketing Techniques
c. Advanced Attendee Engagement Methods
d. Registration Refresh
Hybrid meetings, at their core are the marriage of 2 different event styles. We believe wholeheartedly in creating the type of environment where our fellow planners can connect with:
a. Each Other
b. Suppliers
c. Tech Providers
d. Marketing Platforms
It is extremely important that we empower our fellow meeting planners to build their own, solid foundation for meeting planning in the digital era. Engagement starts with us, spreads to our community, and will inevitably help you better engage with your attendees.

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